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Meet the Team

Who We Are

Cristina Koning

Founder & Owner

Get ready to meet Cristina – a powerhouse of energy and skill, with over two decades of experience in the industry! As a dedicated mother of four, Cristina's passion for her craft knows no bounds. She's bursting with excitement to welcome you into her world. With a heart full of compassion and a drive to see others succeed, Cristina finds pure joy in empowering those around her. A whirlwind of activity, she thrives on the hustle and bustle, diving headfirst into every opportunity that comes her way. Whether she's coaxing out someone's full potential or helping them feel their absolute best, Cristina's passion shines brightest when she's behind the chair. It's where she feels most alive, making a positive impact on lives every single day. And when it comes to her expertise, Cristina is a true master in blondes, color corrections, and updos, eagerly sharing her knowledge and inspiring the next generation of talent.


Senior Stylist 

Welcome to Ragaa's world, where a seven-year journey through the realm of hair has shaped her into an unstoppable force! Her love for hair is boundless, evident in her flawless blends, captivating lived-in colors, and stunning braiding prowess that leaves a lasting impression. But Ragaa is more than just a hairstylist; she's a creator of complete beauty experiences. From mastering blondes in her first year to becoming the go-to expert in blonde specialties and color corrections, Ragaa's expertise is unmatched. Balancing motherhood with her craft, she finds joy in perfecting her braiding skills, a talent she's honed over her illustrious career. And when it comes to haircare, Ragaa swears by the 911 line of products, her trusted allies in maintaining hair health and radiance. With Ragaa leading the way, get ready for hair transformations that will leave you absolutely enchanted!

Sara H

Senior Stylist 

Let me introduce you to Sara, an experienced creative art makeup artist with over 8 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Hailing from Sweden, Sara brings a unique mix of imaginative ideas, cutting-edge makeup trends, and a deep passion for crafting beauty masterpieces. Specializing in both makeup and hair, Sara has spent seven years perfecting her skills, particularly excelling in creating stunning updos and enhancing the beauty of blonde hair. When you work with Sara, expect flawless and bold looks that take your style to a whole new level.


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Salon Stylist 

 Get ready to meet Mansi, a rising star igniting the beauty scene under the mentorship of Cristina Konig! Growing up surrounded by the buzz of her family's spa in India, Mansi soaked up the secrets of beauty rituals like facials, makeup artistry, and threading like a sponge. Now, as she embarks on her journey to dominate the hairstyling realm, Mansi brings a whirlwind of energy and expertise to every appointment. From luxurious hot oil treatments to divine head massages, she's got the touch that transforms. As a makeup maven, Mansi crafts looks that stop traffic, while her prowess in trendy butterfly haircuts and precise men's grooming leaves clients in awe. With her infectious positivity and boundless creativity, Mansi is set to leave an indelible mark on the beauty world!

Sara A

Senior Stylist 

 In 2006, Sara A embarked on her thrilling journey into the world of hair, starting right from her home turf in Saudi Arabia. But Sara's passion for hair runs deep, tracing back long before her professional debut. With a flair for seamless blends, mesmerizing lived-in colors, and a talent for crafting stunning wedding and formal hairstyles, Sara A shines as a standout in her field. And that's not all – she's also a certified makeup artist, adding another layer to her already impressive skill set. From the get-go, Sara A poured her energy into mastering the art of blonde hair, setting the stage for an electrifying career ahead.


Master Stylist 

Introducing Georgiana, a masterful hair aficionado boasting 16+ years of industry prowess. She's not just any stylist; she's the blonde whisperer, the architect of mesmerizing wedding hairdos, and the reigning "volume queen" of blowouts. But Georgiana is more than her expert hands and scissors; she's a vibrant force, infusing every appointment with joy and precision. From flawless blondes to wedding wonders and precise cuts, Georgiana's mission is simple: to transform your hair dreams into dazzling reality.


Extension Specialist 


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